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Welcome to Ewing Solutions

Ewing Solutions is an Edinburgh-based digital marketing and web design agency. We help small businesses and individuals tackle their online challenges one step at a time, setting and achieving specific goals all with a view to growing their online presence.

Who Are We?

Run by an online marketing expert and an experienced website designer and developer, Ewing Solutions was formed in 2018 and is run from Edinburgh. We’re passionate in helping like minded individuals and small businesses achieve their online goals.

Our Mission

We are strong believers that growing an online presence doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. We’ll hold your hand through the process, while passing our expert knowledge on to you, allowing you to be self-sustainable once we complete our work.

How does it work?

Each relationship starts with a free consultation either on the phone, on Skype or at your preferred location. In this meeting, we’ll work with you to set measurable, timely goals we can work on together. Whether starting from scratch, updating your website, increasing online sales or support with social media, we help you maximise your online potential.

Why choose us?

We see so many websites and adverts that have been rushed and not thought through. Our discovery and design phases are critical to ensuring the solution we provide satisfies your needs, leaving everyone happy.

Once we deliver, we don’t disappear. We have affordable support packages available tailored to your needs avoiding you from being overwhelmed once our work is done.

The world of digital marketing is a daunting place at times. It’s unrealisitic to expect small business owners to be experts in this field as well as their niche. When you work with us, we’ll educate you as we go meaning that when we’re done, everything feels that bit less overwhelming.

We’re not a team of techies, which means we speak your language! Digital marketing can be like learning a new language. That’s why we keep everything simple and easy to understand.

They key reason we focus on working with small businesses is we are one ourselves. We understand the stresses and pain points of running a business either yourself or in a partnership. That’s why we like to work with like minded people we can relate to.

Our 4-Step Process



We have an informal meeting where we work with you to understand what you want to achieve in the online world.



Based on what you tell us, we translate your requirements into SMART objectives and share these with you along with a quotation.



We’ll then get to work, putting in place what we agreed, updating you as we go.



Once we’ve completed the work, we’ll check it review it with you against the objectives we set out to achieve. Depending on what was agreed, we’ll either set you on your way, or stay with you on a support basis.

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My Skill
Web Designer 85%
My Skill
Web Designer 85%

Want to build your brand with us?

We know online business can be daunting. That's why we're here to answer any questions you may have. Simply let us know what you want to achieve and we'll be delighted to help.